What is a buzdor?

I've been told that a "buzdor" is a wildflower of Eastern Europe, not unlike chickory. There are only a few Buzdors in the Americas, but there are more in Eastern Europe and Asia.
 Why the possum?

The Possum (sometimes Opossum) is a truly amazing animal. 50 teeth, opposable thumbs, prehensile tail, immunity to rabies and rattlesnake poison, and being a marsupial are all unique qualities of the North American Virginia Possum. They are our family's favorite animal. And they're cute!

From Rockford Hinten:

A dictionary definition:
irony, (n): After visiting friends who are the only people I know to have an animal mascot associated with their family name, I leave the house, and do not even get one block away when I almost run over said mascot ambling across their street in the dark.

 Any Relation?

Probably, if you go back far enough.
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